George Haytko on NewsChannel5+ Score April 2014

This interview aired originally on “Score”, a show on News Channel 5+ in Nashville, TN on April 11, 2014.

START ME UP – CFO Magazine Article

Young companies look to part-time CFOs to ignite their finances. In a rented suite on 23rd Street in New York’s Silicon Alley, acting CFO Howard Friedensohn is preparing an investor pitch for The start-up, the brainchild of two doctors and an Internet veteran who saw the potential of using the Web to transform professional appointment-making into a virtual product, has raised about $1 million in private funding so far. Now it’s looking for its next $2 million to $3 million before testing the product in Manhattan. Friedensohn is the numbers guy. But since accepting the company as a client in May 1999, he’s also had a hand in shaping […]

Cash Flow

WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN CASH IS VERY TIGHT? There are times in almost every company’s life when the amount of payrolls and expenses and bills to pay exceeds the cash on hand, and seemingly will continue to do so for some foreseeable period. How do you get through this tough cash flow period? Does the company have a line of credit with a bank or other lender, and if so, has it drawn the full amount of available credit? If not, then borrow additional funds to cover the current cash flow shortfall. If the borrowings are already at the limit of available credit, then you need to carefully manage the cash receipts and disbursements.Whether […]