George J. Haytko and Haytko & Associates have been providing Chief Financial Officer (CFO) services on a consulting basis to companies since 1995. The companies have included venture capital-backed, privately held, and publicly owned businesses. While much of that experience was gained in Silicon Valley, California, the industries served have included not only high technology (hardware and software) and Internet, but also manufacturing, services, and a few not-for-profit entities.

Services have typically been provided on an hourly basis, with such services varying from company to company based upon the specific needs of the company, and their size in terms of revenues, headcount, accounting staff, and activities. Engagements have ranged from twenty to thirty hours per week, to a day or half-day per week, to several hours per month.

Services that have been provided in the past include, but are not limited to, the following. The services that are provided to specific clients are based upon their specific needs, and do not necessarily include all of the services listed below.

  • Assist in the creation and development of business plans and develop financial projections used therein.

  • Direct the preparation of annual budgets

  • Assist in fundraising activities

  • Serve as the Chief Financial Officer and Business Advisor to business owners and management teams

  • Manage due diligence activities associated with fundraising, mergers and acquisitions, sale and purchase of businesses

  • Negotiate lines of credit or other credit facilities with banks and other lending institutions

  • Manage and train accounting and administrative staffs of client companies

  • Supervise the daily accounting activities and preparation of monthly and other financial reports

  • Prepare financial reports for both internal use, as well as for reporting to owners, investors, boards of directors, lenders, and other interested parties

  • Supervise cash management activities, including planned and actual collection of accounts receivable and payment of vendor and other liabilities

  • Manage the interface with external auditors and attorneys

  • Support and review the preparation of Federal and state corporate income tax filings

  • Supervise the preparation and filing of sales tax returns, property tax returns

  • Manage external service providers such as payroll processing companies

  • Assist in the review and selection of employee benefit plans

  • Perform the review and cleanup of historical financial and equity records, including “creation” of historical financial statements

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